What home food can cats eat ? special recipes


What home food can cats eat ? special recipes

Today , we will clarify for you during our new journey about what cats eat from home food + special recipes on the menu of what cats eat from home food + special recipes from things that a lot of people are looking for to prepare healthy food for cats.

As well as the preparation of a number of recipes from the ways that provide the owners of cats a lot of money and time for ready-food from  shops, and we give what the cats eat from the food of the house + special recipes.

What do cats eat ?

Cats are raised at home, and many people who raise cats at home feed them home food, but they wonder what cats eat from home food + special recipes prepared at home.

In addition that what cats eat from home food + special recipes are important for individuals who breed cats, so they can give them useful and necessary foods for their growth, as well as preparing recipes for cats and their loved ones. One of these household foods are :

  • Red Meat :  red meat is considered as one of the favorite meats of cats, and it should be served grilled, cooked or boiled, and served with meat broth or alone.
  • We can also add some mashed potatoes, to increase the potassium content in their body, as well as their ability to reduce the smell of cat urine in the home.
  • We can also add parts of white fat to the meat and give it to cats, because it is one of its favorite foods, in addition to that these fats are necessary in the construction of the bodies of cats, so it needs in daily food.
  • People should avoid giving raw meat to cats, as raw meat increases their thirst, but there are a number of cats that do not like meat in the first place and are not suitable for this type of food such as Shirazi cats.  
  • Liver: many people provide the liver as food for cats, because cats love this food a lot, in addition to being able to concede large amounts of liver cooked, and liver is a major source of supply of vitamins and minerals.
  • Apple and berries: the apples contain high levels of vitamin C and fiber, these vitamins make apple an appropriate food, taking care to remove the outer shell, and the berries contains vitamins A and vitamin C.

Cheap food for cats :

Most people who breed cats are looking for cheap food for them, so they can provide many kinds of foods. Besides , cheap food for cats can be provided through home food and these foods are :

  • Spinach: Spinach is an essential source of many vitamins, such as vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C. Spinach is also rich in calcium and iron minerals, and protects the lining of the digestive system from certain diseases that result from inflammation.

But one should be careful about keeping the cat away from eating spinach in the case of problems with the urinary system, such as the presence of a number of stones that are laxative in the urine bladder of cats.

  • Eggs : eggs are a good source of protein like vitamin B, and eggs should be cooked to cats.
  • Bananas and oats: bananas contain high levels of soluble fiber as well as high levels of potassium. Also , bananas are healthy and light foods for cats. Additionally,  oats are important sources of energy and vitamin B.

Do cats eat bread?

A lot of persons who care about cats wonder if cats eat bread ?  this is from their desire to provide a good food for cats . Also the question of ” do cats eat bread ” can be answered by the possibility of eating cats bread for its great benefits in addition to other household foods besides bread such as :

  • Bread: Bread is an important source of proteins and fiber, but care must be taken about the amount given to cats, where large amounts of bread cause diarrhoea.
  • White meat: White meat such as chicken and fish, as well as rabbits are the favorite foods of the majority of cats, especially chickens, and most cats enjoy the liver cooked , cut and grilled.

White meat is a major source to provide cats the calcium needed for its bodies . Additionally ,  fish supply essential nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and phosphorus.

  • Milk products: dairy products such as milk and cheese are the most important and best food for cats, because cheese is provided with calcium, proteins and fats, and milk is the best food for cats, especially in the first months of life.
  • Melon: The melon contains a very high percentage of antioxidants, in addition to contain beta-carotene, and this article maintains the health of the skin as well as eyes.

How to make food for cats?

How to make food for cats ? One of the questions that cat lovers are concerned about , so that they can provide adequate food at hand, and the question how to make food for cats ? One of the easy questions , where you can make a lot of foods that fit cats and these recipes are :

Smoked salmon recipe for cats:

This recipe is considered as one of the important recipe. Also , Care should be taken not to present this recipe more than once a week, because it contains heavy metals that are harmful to cats.

Ingredients of smoked salmon recipe for cats:

100 g of smoked salmon

A cup of boiled vegetables such as “potatoes, carrots”

2 eggs

One quarter cup of skimmed milk

A quarter cup of grated cheese.

How to prepare a recipe for smoked salmon for cats:

1-We heat the oven at high temperature

2-We mix the fish with the vegetables, then put it in a metal vase and be painted with olive oil

3-We beat cheese, milk and eggs, then put it on the mix

4-Then we enter the pot in the oven, and leave it for 15 minutes

5-Then we take it out when it is in a solid form and , let it cool down and then be served to  cats to be eaten.

Eggs for cats:

Egg is considered as one of the most important foods for cats  that they prefer. It is also a very important element because it can supply cats with proteins, in addition to important nutrients. Eggs for cats are considered to be granular and can be added to some recipes.

Fish, eggs and rice recipe for cats:

The recipe ” what do cats eat from home food + special recipes ” is considered among the recipes that are good for cats and also contains high nutrients

Ingredients of fish, eggs and rice recipe for cats:

100 grams of boiled fish without bone

50 grams of rice

A boiled and cutted egg

Spoon of olive oil.

How to prepare fish, egg and rice recipe for cats:

1-We cook the rice in water until full maturity, taking care not to add any oils or spices.

2-We add a tablespoon of olive oil, which is the boiling of rice, and then add eggs and fish.

3-We stir the recipe on the fire until the ingredients are completely mixed.

4-Then let it cool down and then serve it to cats.


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