Wonderful advantages of dry food and wet food for cats


People often debate whether wet or dry food is better for their cats when deciding what to feed them. The best cat food should not only provide the most nutrients, but it should also be easy for the cat to handle and like.

Differences between dry food and wet food

Wet cat food is available in cans, tubs or sachets. As the name suggests, this type of food is wet or semi-moist. On the other hand, dry cat food is dry because the water is extracted from the ingredients used, making them more compact and increasing their shelf life.

Benefits of wet food

Definitely a food that should be included in a cat’s diet. Keep in mind that a cat’s food is extremely sensitive to how it is served: wet food must be served at room temperature to maintain its natural texture and smell.

-Wet food allows your cat to consume more water, which helps to avoid renal problems.
It might be more appetizing to them since we can heat it and intensify the fragrance.
Helps your feline feel satisfied faster.
Avoid excesses, since it is packaged per individual portion.
Wet food, for the most part, has high levels of fatty acids, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that cats require.

If there are leftovers, cover the food and put them in the refrigerator for 24 hours maximum, because if you keep them longer they can create bacteria and will no longer be appetizing for your cat.

Benefits of dry food

This type of food has all of the required nutrients, and because it is crunchy, it encourages your cat to utilize its teeth and maintain a healthy mouth.
It is important that you give less quantity, because it is a more concentrated food.
They are easy to measure, use and store and have a longer shelf life once the package is opened than wet food.
This type of food offers multiple possibilities when it comes to acquiring it in any pet store, with many compositions and kibble sizes.
It helps to keep your kitten’s teeth healthy. Your kitten will chew the dry food vigorously, something that can help remove plaque from the teeth of older kittens.
Instead of eating everything at once, he’ll drink more water and return to the food on a regular basis.
Wet food encourages the cat to drink more water, while dry food promotes oral health. Given the difference in benefits between wet and dry food, it is worth adopting a diet that combines the two.

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