Cat breeding


Breeding and caring your cat can be very rewarding as well as very frustrating when thing don’t go well. however, if you don’t make obvious mistakes, the chances of success can be greatly increases. After knowing the variables of success and failure, you can better enjoy the process. Cats are polyestrous meaning that you can get the chance again and again in a year. If a cat is on heat and does mate, she will again come into estrous after two or three weeks. Cats repeat the estrous cycle many times in a year. And if you want to breed your cat, you must be vigilant to observe the signs of estrous.

Signs of estrus

Most people think cats experience vaginal bleeding during heat. However, this phenomenon is not common in cats. There are other obvious signs of estrous, like your cat becoming more affectionate and demanding. You can see a marked increase the affection of your cat when on heat. However, you cat will be demanding so much that you may get upset.
She will constantly keep on rubbing with you, other people, furniture and other household items. Furthermore, she will roll down on the floor to seek attention. You can observe a marked decrease in the activity level of your cat. You can easily differentiate behavior during estrous cycle and other days.


On heat, a mature female cat kept for breeding or queen attracts male cats. You may have seen that male cats appear in the garden from nowhere during the estrous days and they may also try to enter into the house. cats are induced ovulators meaning that they mating is necessary for release of ovum/egg into the reproductive tract. Cats mate for three to four times in a day just to confirm that ovulation has occurred.

What can go wrong?

After successful mating your cat will no more be on heat. You can confirm the pregnancy after three to four weeks of mating by a veterinarian. Noting down the dates of mating is necessary because only then the experts will be able to predict the days of delivery.
Complications can develop during the pregnancy period. if you see a pouch coming out of the vagina, bleeding from vagina that continues for more than ten minutes or the head or legs of baby kitten being stuck for more than ten minutes you need an expert assistance. It can be the case of difficult birth, called dystocia. Only experts can solve the difficult birth; therefore, you need to see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Final thoughts

Cat breeding can be very rewarding when you are successful in getting beautiful little kittens in your hand. No happiness is greater than having many kittens in your lap. In order to enjoy this happiness, you need to take care of your cat very much.

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