Cat’s sleep habits


Cats enjoy sleeping a lot, they take short naps during the day instead of having a big chunk one. They can sleep between 12- 16 hours a day, with some snoozing up to 20 hours in a 24-hour period.
Cats are most active between dusk and dawn, and just like lions, they hunt mostly at night. Like humans and mammals, cats do have sleep stages. Cats spend about 6 minutes in REM sleep, otherwise, they have light sleep where their senses are on alert to protect themselves or to hunt.

However, cats sleep habits also depend on their nutrition, weight, or health. If a cat is overmuch sleepy then probably there is a health problem like anemia or hyperthyroidism. A cat might sleep more if the cat is overweight, and the way to avoid this problem is to feed the cat healthy food. Also, if your cat is always awake at night, then probably the cat is hungry because cats like to eat at night and sleep well after eating a good meal. For that, feeding your cat appropriately will help the cat to have a good amount of sleep.

If your cat likes to play at night while you are sleeping, then it is a good idea to provide the cat with quiet toys, so the cat can play with; there are many cat’s toys that are specially designed for night time play.

A good way to teach your cat not to bother you while you are sleeping is to ignore the cat. By the time, the cat will learn that this is time is for sleeping and not for playing. If the ignoring method is not useful with your cat, then the most effective idea is by letting your cat outside the room. Try to close the door while you are sleeping and not to open it even if the cat insisted enter and try not to talk to the cat from inside the room.

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