Researchers say that liking cats is a sign of very high intelligence


Pets are an absolute blessing for humans. They can cheer you up when you’re feeling sad or come home tired from work. It happens to everyone, but then you open the door and meet that little ball of fur that just emanates love and happiness.

Animals are more intelligent than we think. And I claim that both my dog and my cat realize when I’m happy or sad. That’s how it feels, at least to me. They’re also best friends and seem to understand and care about each other.


However, the question is what does it says about yourself if you are a pet owner. I’ve never really thought about that, I’ll admit – but earlier today I encountered research that shows that most people who like cats, in general, are very intelligent.

Dogs and cats are the most commons animals when it comes to choose a pet. But, the question of which of the two animals you prefer is a real classic. And while most people have an answer to that question. I belong to the few who don’t really know. At home, we have both a dog and a cat – and I could never choose between them.

However, a recent study conducted

by researcher Denise Guastello reveals the differences between the people who like dogs and the people who like cats, according to Unilad.

Psychoanalyst Steve McKeown, who founded both the MindFixers organization and the well-known McKeown Clinic, says:

– The study was conducted on 600 students. It was found that dog people are more social and extroverted whereas cat lovers are more sensitive and open-minded. It also turned out that those who prefer cats are more neurotic.

He continues:

– Furthermore, cat people tend to stand for what they think – no matter what the environment says, which may indicate that they are more independent. The survey also reveals that those who like cats, in general, have a higher intelligence and are more educated. They have a greater chance of completing university studies, says Steve McKeown.

The study states that cats are usually more independent than dogs, which can be a major factor to cat owners having more time available for other things – like studying and working.

Exciting conclusions

The question is now what happens if you love both cats and dogs? The study doesn’t cover it, but you can think that you have both social skills and high intelligence! Jokes aside – This study, of course, has to be taken with a grain of salt. There is clearly no definite truth.

At the same time, I think it’s fascinating and exciting to reach these kinds of conclusions – and in any case, I think this was really fun to know!

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