How to Choose the Right Cat?


Adopting a new cat can appear like a complicated responsibility, especially if it’s your first. This guide will help you determine exactly which kitty will be an excellent match for your way of life.

Thinking about the reality that your potential feline roommate could be with you for over 15 years, it makes good sense that you ought to put a lot of time into your option.

Do you really want the responsibility of a brand-new kitty? Is now the ideal time? If so, what type of kitten actually matches your way of life? These are the kinds of concerns that you need to address prior to you choose to take the plunge.

While it can be tempting to run out and adopt, it’s essential that you do your research study prior to you bring your charming kitty house. That way, you can be sure that you’ve got a good friend for life.

Consider Your Kitten’s Age

While cats have normally been weaned prior to 8 weeks of age, a lot of professionals concur that they must stick with their mother and/or littermates up until 12 weeks of age. This permits for optimal social advancement.

If a cat has actually been taken away from her mom prior to the weaning process is complete, she may develop unpleasant behaviors like nursing on fingers and other things.

Look for Personality

No matter how bad you desire that a cat with tiger stripes on her back, don’t select your kitten based upon looks alone. Rather, watch how the kittens play and communicate so you can get a peek into each one’s personality.

A lot of cats get sleepy after a feeding, so try to pick a time to go to the litter when the cats are active. Here are a couple of things to bear in mind when seeing cats.

Search for playful, positive kittens if you have kids. A timid cat may not feel comfortable in a home where children desire to play.

Get down on the floor. See how the kitty reacts to your presence. Well-socialized cats need to be comfortable and unafraid.

Have fun with the kitties. Using something aside from your finger or hand, lure the cat to play. She ought to express an interest.

Select them up. After playtime, try to hold a kitty. A little squirming is perfectly typical, however she should not bite or hiss.

Ask concerns. The method a cat was raised can have a huge effect on her character.

Discover everything you can about her history. Kittens that weren’t presented to human beings by 7 weeks of age in some cases have problem bonding with them.

Have Your Vet Check Your Kitten’s Health

To prevent any undesirable surprises, it’s always best to have a vet inspect your kitten’s health prior to you embrace, instead of afterwards. it’s essential to comprehend what you’re entering and what it might cost.

Quarantine Your Kitten

Have a vet analyze your kitten as soon as possible, preferably prior to you even bring her home.

In addition, it’s essential that you keep your kitten separated from other household family pets for a quarantine period.

In this manner, you can be sure she’s without any contagious illness like feline leukemia before presenting your brand-new cat to the rest of your family pets.

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