How to deal with fights between cats



Owning a single cat can be an easy task, comparing with having more than one. Cats are animals with pride, and they a somehow selfish towards their properties and towards their owner as well. If there is more than one cat in the same place, it is expected for cats to fight with each other. Cats might fight if they felt as if they are in a competition. For that, it is important to give each cat its own space and properties as providing the cat with own food bowl and own toys and to make sure that the bowls and the toys are in separated areas in the house. Make sure that there are enough toys in the house in case if one of the cats wants to change the toy then it will have plenty to play with, instead of playing with the other cat’s toy.

The owner of more than one cat should spend an equal amount of time with each cat. Cats love to play, and the idea that the owner plays with them has a great effect on the cat’s emotion and behavior. However, as mentioned previously, cats are kind of selfish towards their owners, so it is better to give each cat its own space in playing or caring about them; this will help decrease the fights between cats.

– Try to stop the fight before it starts:

Cats before fighting stair at each other, growl, or spit and the hair on their tails puffs up. it is important to know these signs that will help you prevent a full fight.

– How to stop cats fight?
1) Try to make a loud noise by whistling or clapping so the cats will be distracted from the fight at least for a while.
2) Try to separate the cats in completely separated rooms. This will help the cats to calm down quickly, and make sure that the cats are fully calm before bringing them back together.
3) Do not separate fighting cats with your hands.
4) Try to put a barrier between the fighting cats.
5) Ask the vet for help. The vet surly have solutions for such problems because aggression is a very common problem with cats.

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