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Nutrients are the biochemical compounds present in food that provide energy. There is more than one biochemical compound present in everyday food that is necessary for survival. Cats need a different amount of these biochemical compounds at their different age. Kittens require a significant amount of nutrients to meet their body needs. Their body is continuously in the phase of growth and development. However, mature cats need comparatively less amount of nutrients.
Proteins: are the building blocks of the body; the structural part of the body is primarily made of proteins.
Fats: are the body’s energy reserves, but they also take part in building the structural part of the body.
Carbohydrates: are the energy source of the body.
Vitamins & minerals are necessary for the normal metabolism of the body.
Water: is essential for hydration as well as for normal metabolism.
These above-mentioned biochemical compounds are the nutrients that your cat needs. Your cat food must comprise all these essential nutrients plus supplements that are essential for your cat.

Cats are carnivores

Cats have evolved to be carnivorous. Their diet essentially comprises proteins. In the wild, cats used to hunt and prey on other animals for food. Therefore, you can offer them beef, chicken or fish. Animal’s meat is one of the favourite diets. Other than meat, whole grain is a great option to provide to your cat.

Cat foods available in the market

Different brands are making cat food; you can easily access cat food from supermarkets or pet stores. Cat foods are available in three different kinds, dry, semi-moist and canned. The difference among these three types is moisture. Canned food contains the most significant amount of moisture than semi-moist and dry cat food. Moisture or water contents are essential for your cat; therefore, canned food is a good choice for your cat. However, it depends on your cat which type of food she prefers. Whichever cat food she likes is good for her.
You should consider reading the nutrient contents of the cat food before purchasing. Furthermore, you should buy cat food labelled safe and healthy for the cat. Remember, age-specific cat foods are available in the market. So, you should purchase cat food specific for your cat.

Final thought

Proper nutrition is essential for good growth and development. It is necessary to feed your cat an adequately balanced diet two to three times a day. You should offer food in a perfect balance as less than the required amount of food leads to weakness, and more than needed food leads to obesity.

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