Cat psychology and behaviour you should know


I am a veterinarian, and I run a pet clinic. I am really a cat person, but I have done a lot of work on dogs. There is a logical reason behind that I attend 95% of dogs and only 5% of cats at my clinic. It is a huge difference which tells us about the preference of common people. Most people have dogs in their homes, but the statistical data tells that there are more cats in America than dogs. But the data also shows that the number of pet owners who have dogs is greater than the number of pet owners who has cats. It means cat owners have more than one cat in their homes. But still, pet owners have more inclination towards dogs. We suggest the reason behind this is the inability to understand the cat psychology and behaviour.

Bond with owner

Cats have been originated from ancestors who preferred to live alone. Therefore, cats do not have developed social behaviour. Cats usually don’t prefer to be around the owner; instead, they used to lumber for a long time or did their favourite activities. However, in comparison, dogs engage more with their owners and develop a strong emotional bond. Unlike this, cats don’t develop a strong emotional bond with their owners. Cats have been living with humans for a long time, but they have not evolved to eliminate the loneliness attitude.

Some misconceptions

Some people think that cats are very fluffy and soft animals, and they don’t like to be touched or play. However, it is quite the opposite. Cat’s psychology and behaviour are not as simple as dogs. Most of the cats stick to the belly of their owner used to sleep there. However, some cats say, we are friends, but you should be within your boundary, and I should be in mine.

Furthermore, many cat owners report that they face when they leave their cats for days. Cats develop behavioural problems due to separation anxiety. At clinics, I have attended clients reporting that their cat vomits if left alone for more than usual hours.

Final thoughts

The main thing is to understand how to decode your cat. The more you know about the cognition and behaviour of your cat, the more you can enjoy quality time with your cat. Scientists are continuously trying to study whether the domestication and evolution of cats have imparted social changes in cat’s behaviour. Because the only thing that can make cat and owner relations better is understanding the psychology and behaviour of your cat.

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