How to train a cat to use the litter box?


Newborn kittens usually don’t require a litter box. The mother cat can easily influence the kittens to express the reflex to eliminate. Later on, they will clean up the mess. Therefore, kittens before the age of four months don’t require a litter box. However, after four months, you should start training your kitten. Your kitten needs proper training from introducing the litter box to reinforcing the use of the litter box. Potty training of your cat is not an easy task or a difficult task. However, the most important thing you will need while training is your patience.

Introduction of the litter box

A friendly introduction to the litter box is necessary for your cat. You should select an attractive design and place it on the corner of the room where your cat can easily find it. You should prefer placing the litter box on each floor and should not misplace or hide the litter box. Let your cat smell the litter box and find the way to reach it. Your cat may scratch the litter box to get familiarized with it. You should let her spend as much time as your cat wants.

Reinforce your cat to use the litter box

 Once your cat poop successfully, it is time to reward her with a treat. Reinforcing your cat is necessary to attract her back to the litter box. After every successful attempt, you should reinforce your cat with a treat; your cat will habitually use the litter box because of the reward. Rewarding boosts the cognition learning of your cat, and your cat will get used to the litter box.

What should I do if my cat does not use the litter box?

There may be some problems if you have introduced the litter box to your cat and still do not use it. The litter box may be covered with something or placed somewhere where your cat cannot find it. Your cat may get distracted while reaching the litter box, or the litter may be smelly. You can take steps: you should place the litter box in a corner where your cat can easily find it. The area around the litter box should be empty; there should be no voice or intervention of anyone. Furthermore, the litter box may not be shared with other cats, or you should let other cats guard the litter box.

Final thoughts

Training your cat to use the litter box can be challenging, but you need the proper knowledge and patience. Your cat will not learn overnight; therefore, you need to be patient while training your cat.

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