How to amuse your cat


Cats are very energetic and playful animals. It is important for cats to be in an entertaining environments in order to stay healthy, especially in indoors environments. Games and exercises are essential for cats’ life, they keep them happy and active. However, it is necessary at the same time for the games to be safe for the cat especially when you are not home.

Here are some tips for entertaining you indoor cat even if your car not home:

  • Cats owners can make a toy from any stuff they like for their cats. It is very simple to make the suitable toy for your cat from using simple or old fabrics or to rebuild an old toy and make it looks differently.


  • You can provide a special toy for your cat that involves movements like a ball with a tubes or towers which allow the cat to bat around it. Some toys have laser in them and cats love chasing lasers a lot, so it might be a very amusing toy for your cat.


  • Balls are number one entertaining toys for cats. It keeps the cat active and allows the cat to control the motion as it likes. For that, it is advisable to keep some balls or yarns balls around the house while you are outside.


  • Some toys contain treats. They are especially designed to challenge the cat whether it can make it and take the treat or not. These kind of toys are very entertaining for cats and make their mind and body in active mood.


  • Cats are interactive pets. You can play many interactive games with your cat, like ‘catch’ game. In this game you can use any item simple item in the house as a ball or a piece of paper if there are no toys in the house to play with. Try to catch your cat’s attention and then throw the item in a suitable distance where your cat can see it and bring it back.

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