What is cat food?


Animal food

All kinds of creatures need food that is appropriate for them and their bodies, without which they will not be able to supply their bodies with the energy they need to live and move, or to grow and perform their vital functions, and the type of this food and the elements and materials contained from one creature to the other; what the deer eats differs All about what the lion eats, and the two are completely different from the bird’s eating, and all this differs from what the human eats, and the reason for these differences is the differences between the objects of these organisms and the way they digest the substances they feed on, in addition to the quality of the food you get, and to the quantity You need from both nutrients and their degree of consumption for each.

Cat food

For cats to feed, they can–to some extent–eat some of the food that humans eat; they are able to eat most of the cooked meats even if they are mixed with red tomato sauce, meat broth and so on, and it does not matter if the meat is boiled or grilled, but it is better to Be well cooked so as to avoid the possibility of the cat getting the types of bacteria that spread in these meats. Although wild cats are accustomed to eating raw meat and even dead animals from days, the meat that humans have is more dangerous to them, and the reason is that they have types of bacteria resulting from the food of cattle and the industrial farm environments in which they put Human, which cats did not accustomed to.

Cats also eat chickens. It is an important source of protein, and chicken bones are useful for cats, and they do not mind eating them are easier to break compared to the bones of sheep or cows and others, and eating liver meat may be very useful for cats, so it is not a good idea to present chicken liver with its food from time to another. Fish is a very popular type of food for cats, preferably cooked before being introduced to it as in the case of meat, chicken and liver, and fish gives the cat material and nutrients very important for its health, such as iodine, phosphorus, as well as vitamins such as vitamin A, Vitamin E and vitamin D, as well as protein. The cat can be given tuna and canned sardines, as domestic cats have a great tendency to eat fish, but that does not necessarily mean that they are the best food for them; wild cats often live in dry environments and it is very rare to eat fish, even if they eat cats in the household Fish as their staple food will suffer from the lack of many types of minerals and vitamins, and therefore should not be overfed to cats, but it is useful when it is presented to them in a reasonable amount.

Cats can feed on milk, cheeses and all dairy products at different stages of their lives, but on the contrary the dominant belief is not a very good food for clamping, and in fact, it may be dangerous in some cases; milk and its derivatives are useful for cats when they are small, especially In the first eight weeks of her life before she was tallow, but when she grows and reports the intake of milk and its derivatives may cause problems; the ability of her digestive system to absorb the lactose (sugar found in milk) decreases significantly, and may become allergic to milk, maybe It affects indigestion, diarrhea and dehydration, all of which will negatively affect its health. In fact, the only liquid that the cats need to drink is water, and if the appropriate quantities are given to it, you will not need to drink anything else.

Obesity in Cats

It must be noted that the cat is not obese, it may affect its health as badly as the human condition, and it is necessary to provide appropriate and useful food for cats but in reasonable quantities, the aim is to supply them with the elements needed by their body and not to fattening them, Therefore, it should not be provided for food containing large amounts of fat, and the economy should be given its fat and oils. It is useful to regulate the eating times of a clamping until it has a digestive process. Obesity is one of the problems prevalent in cats in the first world countries like human, and similarly, obesity causes the same risks in humans to cats, threatening them with exposure to heart disease and the reduction of life time.

Types of food in animals

Living organisms get their food in many different ways, they are essentially divided into two types: self-feeding organisms that manufacture their own food, and are plants that get energy from sunlight through photosynthesis, and non-subjective organisms Nutrition, which needs to feed on other and include all animals. Animals have many ways of getting their food, from which they live as a parasite and on their food, including what eats dead and decaying organisms, including herbivores that feed on plants, and the one that prey on other animals. Cats are considered to be real animals, they only feed on the flesh of other organisms, and although they may sometimes eat vegetarian food, they lack the functional organs that are equipped to digest and extract nutrients from it in an effective way, It desperately needs food in meat of all kinds.


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