Breeding of small cats


The Cat

Cats are animals belonging to the group of reptiles, which also include the lion, Tiger, bber, and cleft, which are small-sized, fur-covered organisms, renowned for their ability to fit with man and live in their cities, and there are about 70 breeds of domesticated cats around the world. Cats have strong claws that can be returned or dragged into the skin whenever they wish, and their jaw is full of sharp teeth, making them ready to chase and kill small animals, such as mice, birds and reptiles.
The Cats ‘ ears are highly sensitive to sounds, they can capture higher and lower sound wave frequencies than the human ear, and their eyes have a reflective layer behind them that helps them to see even in the near-dark, and they cannot discern the colors well, but She has a strong sense of smell. Cats live alone in areas they defend against intruders of their own sex so that they are not subject to competition for hunting the game in the region that owns them, yet cats are social beings, when they meet some of them they connect with a wide range of sounds and physical movements.

Breeding of small cats

Domestic cats, especially small, if they have not been cared for, need a significant amount of care and attention. Small cats have many needs that vary according to their age, for the first two months of the cat’s life can only live with their mother and siblings, because their bodies lack the capacity to regulate the heat, so they rely on the contact with each other to keep themselves as warm as possible, as you need to Special care, such as feeding her every two hours, should be consulted by a veterinarian in this regard because of the seriousness of caring for a very small cat, but after the cat reaches the age of eight weeks becomes a bit strong and able to stay normal care, and can be treated healthy and nutritious in the same way as the adult cats. Cats start eating at the age of 45 days, before they cannot eat or eat. Small cats need to eat extra food when they are ranging between two months and four months, because they grow very quickly at that stage, and then they are treated like very adult cats.


The two-month-old cats can feed many types of food, and it is advisable to provide them with cat foods available in shops from well-known companies, they have a high level of quality, and the veterinarian can help to suggest the best types of food to be provided For a snapshot, this may vary slightly depending on their age, activity and health condition. Cat food must be balanced between different nutrients, for example, cats need amino acid called taurine to maintain the health of their eyes and heart, which can only be obtained by a well-researched and balanced diet. Care must be taken to continuously provide water for a snapshot and refill its vessel whenever it is deficient. On the other hand, care should be taken to provide extra food for a shot, and if it shows signs of illness or rejection of food for more than two days, it is advisable to take it to the veterinarian.

Health care

Often, household cats do not need to be cleaned at all, they are able to take care of their body alone and keep it clean to an acceptable degree, but the fur of the brush occasionally brushing may be useful for additional guarantees and to relieve the amount of hair falling left at home. All cats usually have to shove their claws in things around them and constantly scratch them, a natural need that is difficult to control, and may cause damage to household furniture, such as curtains, sofas, carpets, etc., and to prevent the cat from doing so, it must trim its claws once every two or three weeks.
Cats prefer to have their own spot at home so that they are dry and clean, and have a dish to put food, so you can lean in to rest whenever they want, but outside the house the cat may succeed to secure a suitable place for itself without interference from the owner. In sum, many cat owners tend to keep their pets inside the house and not allow them to go out, because the life span of these organisms is always longer when they live inside a house, their exit increases their chances of being exposed to traffic accidents, or they enter into a fight with cats Other, or in the capture of diseases. If a snapshot is allowed to leave the house, it is advisable to suspend a card on its neck bearing the name and address of the owner, so that someone can return it if there is a stray. Home cats must be taken to the veterinarian for a general examination at least once a year.

Biological properties of Cats

The origin of all domesticated cats (or pet cats or household as they are called discrimination for wild species) to a type of snooker began to relate to humans in ancient Egypt almost 4,000 years ago, and the ancient Egyptians were taking cats as pets for reasons Different, the most important of which may be their ability to chase and catch rodents from mice and rats that are damaging to their agricultural crops. Other than that, the Egyptians took one of their gods in the form of a cat, and discovered some of the bodies of cats that they embalming as human beings.
Cats can catch rodents with high efficiency, and they often prefer to search for the game after dark, for their ability (thanks to the reflective layer behind their eyes) to see better than their prey itself, and thus catch them easily. All cats communicate with each other by making a lot of meow, and they place signs around their areas by scattering their remnants or traces of their claws on the trees, fences and surrounding furniture, so that when another cat approaches and smells or sees the markings, it departs on its own.

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