Cat’s intelligence


It is commonly known that cats have a unique intelligence. Cats are one of the smartest creatures in animals world. Unfortunately, they are very few studies that are aimed to study cat’s intelligence and most of these studies are personal ones written by cats owners. Cats are able to learn from former experiences and to solve problems as well and that is the core of their intelligence. It is also useful to mention that cats have 300 million neurons compared to other animals like dogs for example which have 160 million neurons. To simplify it, adult cats intelligence is compared to the level of intelligence of a 2 to 3-years- old human toddler, where they are aware of noises, objects, and have the ability to observe.
Cats are able to recall memories and to connect experiences and information with each other. They also have the ability to associate memories with locations and the surrounding environment. If you are a cat owner you would like to know how intelligent your cat is. Well, you can examine your cat’s intelligence with a few steps:

1) Hide toys and objects

You can test your cat’s intelligence and ability to remember by hiding objects. You can hide the cat’s favorite toy in any place you want by making sure that the cat is observing it. Then, if the cat started searching for the object or they toy then the cat is intelligent enough to know that the toy is hidden not simply disappear.

2) Let your cat watches TV

One of the entertaining methods to test your cat’s intelligence is to let the cat watches TV especially nature shows. If the cat did not interact and tried to catch birds in the show for example, then the cats are having enough intelligence to recognize pictures from reality.

3) Give your cat the chance to explore the external environment

A good way to enhance your cat’s intelligence is to provide the chance to explore the world behind walls. Interacting with the surroundings are very important for the cat’s intelligence. If the cat is familiar enough with the outside world, then the cat can safely go outside and in many cases, the cat will recognize the way home.

4) Unopened container food

Cats are able to learn and to connect experiences. If you feed your cat in a certain time with certain manner, then the cat will know when you are going to feed her even before you do so, and that is one of the cat’s signs of intelligence.

5) Do not compare your cat’s intelligence to any other cat or animal

Of course cats are intelligent and have a great ability to interact and adapts with the environment, however, every cat might have its own level of intelligence that might differ from other cats or animal. For that, instead of comparing your cat’s level of intelligence try to enhance the abilities she has.

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