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The Funniest and Most Endearing Photos of Pets Realizing They’re Going to the Vet

Going to the doctor, or even worse, the dentist, has always been something most people dread. Those feelings are quite similar to how most animals feel about going to the vet. Neither we, nor our furry companions, can avoid these trips, but we certainly don’t enjoy them. It’s never a happy trip, and here are some hilarious photos to prove it. Even though we know these animals were not at their best moment, we know it was for their own good. Remember, an appointment is momentary, a photo lasts a lifetime!

Nowhere to be Found

It’s pretty obvious someone just received some bad news. Yes, it’s time to go to the vet again; and even though this pup is trying his best to avoid going, we all know moping won’t solve anything. We definitely applaud this dog’s effort, hiding under a blanket, thinking “as long as they don’t see my face, it’s all good”.

We’ll give this cutie some points for creativity. It’s also understandable, who of us has not wanted to cry and curl up in a ball when we hear a doctor’s visit is on its way? We always knew we had more in common with our pets than we thought.