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No Conviction For Cop Who Threw Dog Down Concrete Stairs and Then Shot It to Death

Officer Fike has not been convicted for fatally shooting Parrot.

The incident began when Parrot became involved in a scuffle with another dog on the street, a Poodle.  The dogs were engaging in spirited barking at each other but their owners managed to keep them under control and restrained, according to reports.

Officer Fike got involved — despite the fact, according to witnesses, that the owners already subdued the dogs.  The presence and body language of Officer Fike made the dogs fearful, according to witnesses, at which point Officer Pike pushed Parrot onto the pavement and began using his knee to crush Parrot’s spine.

After the killing occurred, many police and wives whose husbands work as police officers took to the internet to try to “justify” what happened to Parrot.

As well, several establishment media outlets, some pretending to be “fact checkers,” tried to obscure the facts by granting a priori credibility to the “Official Police Report,” as if police reports can be trusted to accurately recount their own wrongdoings.

Police often lie in their reports to avoid prosecution. In light of this fact, blindly trusting whatever a police report says despite the accounts of multiple eyewitnesses at the scene amounts to common irrationality — an asinine, fallacious appeal to a supposed authority. It certainly has nothing to do with “fact checking.”