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No Conviction For Cop Who Threw Dog Down Concrete Stairs and Then Shot It to Death


The photo you are looking at below was taken moments before Parrot was thrown down a flight of stairs and shot to death by Officer Scott Fike.




Officer Fike is seen in the photo driving his knee into Parrot’s back, as one would do with an armed criminal.

Without waiting to determine whether this technique would calm Parrot, Officer Fike grabbed Parrot, lifted him off the ground, and brought him to the top of the concrete staircase, according to reports.

Officer Fike then threw Parrot over the banister, down twelve steps, and onto the concrete floor, according to eyewitnesses at the scene.

Then, Fike stood at the top of the stairs, drew his weapon, and shot Parrot to death.

Aaron Block, the animal’s owner, cannot recall the number of shots fired. Witnesses state that Parrot was not harming anybody and was simply frightened by Officer Fike.

“The officer drew his gun in an unnecessary act of cowboy gunslinging law enforcement and shot my dog amidst a crowd of thousands.”

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