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Byte sized Healthy Habits to Start Today for a Better Life

Half awaken in the middle of the night and dragging yourself up until morning for not so much exciting day. Is this your daily life?

You might be wondering what Lifestyle changes I need to make today which will lead a healthier and happier life forever? How can I develop good habits for a healthy life?

I am not a fitness expert but healthy living is my topmost priority. Having a fit life doesn’t mean a slim waist or muscular body it means you are really enjoying your day-to-day life.

If you are dreaming to have such a wonderful life, then what are you waiting for? Sit and think about your daily routine. There must be some bad health habits you have cultivated in your life. Let’s make a list of it.

You have to develop some good habits today to make a better and fit life. I know breaking a bad habit is hard but not impossible, don’t forget to track your progress. Focus on good healthy habits to see a change in your life.

Here are some simple yet effective healthy habits you should start today to have a happy and successful life.

healthy habits to develop a healthy life

40+ Byte Sized Healthy Habits to Start Today For Better Life

1. Having a good sleep routine

Lifestyle stress always leads to sleeping problems. So you need to develop a good sleeping habit. A person needs around 6-8 hours of sleep on an average. Remember, you can work harder if you get enough sleep.

2. Wake up early

It’s one of the most effective ways to start the day. Start early so you can maximize your productivity.

3. Eat breakfast

For the perfect start of the day you need to have healthy breakfast. Skipping breakfast is one of toxic habits you need to quit this year.

4. Go Green

Eat more veggies and plant-based food. Stay close to nature which gives you fresh vibes in life. So love green food and places !!!

5. Eat 2 fruits daily

May I have to give reasons for this? Manage to eat 2 seasonal fruits ion a daily basis.

6. Drink lemon water

Lemon water is best for detoxing. Instead of using any soda, make lemon water for yourself. Drinking 1 glass of lukewarm lemon water after waking up works wonders to burn your fat.

7. Chew More

Most of the people are unaware of the fact that digestion starts from the mouth only. Experts say you have to chew 32 times before swallowing! Don’t count but chew more because it will also help you to maintain weight.

6. Have snack time

Having a snack at time intervals is one of the healthy eating habits. Nutritionists also advise it. It will help you to avoid overeating at mealtime and fuel your body. But choose healthy snacks rather than eating junk food with loads of calories.

7. Make your food

I am a lazy cook like you. But do you know what you cook at home is a way healthier than the best restaurant in the town? Yes, the extra spices they add up are good for your tongue not for your stomach.

When you start making a habit to cook food at home, you realize how healthy it is than packed or deep fried food.

8. Add Omega-3 food in your diet

Omega 3 lowers the risk of heart disease, depression, dementia, and arthritis. You can get it from nuts and seeds, plant oils, fish and other seafood.

9. Pack your home food

If you are traveling or going outside for long hours, it is advisable to pack some food from home. This way you will save yourself to eat more junk food and money too.

10. Do exercise or meditation

Include exercise or meditation into your daily routine to boost energy for the rest of the day. Having a daily habit of exercise is the best time investment you can do for your healthy life. You might get surprised that exercise is also beneficial for your mental health

11 Use a bottle to stay hydrated

Water is life. There is no juice, Starbucks coffee or diet Pepsi can replace the need for water in your body. Try to keep a bottle of water so you never rushed to such unhealthy drinks more.

12. Have a monthly health checkup

Even if you don’t feel unhealthy routine monthly checkup is must do thing for a healthy lifestyle.

13. Avoid more sugar

A natural sugar found in whole foods like fruits and veggies are good for health but try to avoid added sugar in your regular food. You will learn from here that quitting extra sugar is worthwhile for your better health.

14. Less caffeine

Drink too much coffee?? Caffeine usually boosts up your mood but there are many side effects too like hyper-anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, etc so control your intake of caffeine even if it is in the form of coffee or tea.

15. Use your 2 besties often

Your legs are the most important part of the body to keep you healthy. Use them more and avoid to drive to reach nearby places. Walking is the best exercise. Also, it’s absolutely free!

16. Stretch yourself

Stretching is the best thing to gain flexibility in your body. Never forget to stretch before and after any exercise.

17. Stop smoking

18. Sit straight

A bad posture will harm your spine and muscles. A good posture is a must-have habit to reduce the excessive force on muscles.

19. Self-care

Have a self-care routine To bust daily life stress, self-care is the best self-help technique. Don’t forget to pamper yourself!

20. Develop a hobby

This sounds stupid advise. We all have at least one hobby then why I need to develop it? Spending quality time for your hobby flourishes more creativity and positivity into life.

21. Plan your day

It is impossible to get success without planning. A habit of planning leads to a more meaningful and fulfilling life in the future.

22. Make your own bed

Daily healthy habits look tiny but they can bring remarkable changes in your life. To jump-start, your morning with high energy, making your own bed is a must.

23. Read before sleep

Reading is the best exercise for your brain. Reading every day just for 15-20 minutes not only increases your memory power, but it also decreases the risk of other diseases like Alzheimer’s. Keep your favorite book handy nearby the bed.

34. Go to bed early

Sleep deprivation damages your health. So go to bed half an hour before to make a perfect sleeping routine.

35. Switch off the phone before sleep

We all are hooked on our gadgets and this creates anxiety to check mobile phone more often. Try to get rid of by switching it off (or at least turn off the internet) before sleep so you will have a more peaceful sleep at night.

36. Give compliment

We expect all will be good for us but we forget that all are struggling in their own life( Interesting Facts for Life). Have gratitude and try to give compliments not only to others but yourself too. We all are worthy to have a happy life.

37. Stay away from toxic people

Toxic people around you just spreading negativity in your life. They show you fear not faith so detach yourself with any toxic relationship.

38. Go out weekly

If you don’t go out and meet people you will be disconnected and this form a depression in your life. Have fun, go out weekly, play outside( even if you don’t have kids), cheer up yourself first.

39. Think about positive things before sleep

Will you do this tonight? I bet, you can’t find more than 2-3 things, right? So start today about thinking about good things happened during your day and feel the magic.

40 Save money for future

Save money so you can be financially independent. Money gives you the freedom to make choices. It’s not about being rich but you must have some backup so that you are not fully dependent on your paychecks.

41. Visualize your dreams

Fear of failure never makes you a person you want to be. Visualization has the greatest power to achieve your goal.

42. Invest in experiences

Things may change but the memories we have will stay forever so keep investing in your best experiences which may be studying, hiking anything rather than spending money on Gucci bags.

43. Listen to music

Music can heal you. Listening to music can boost your mood. You might be surprised but music works magnificently for people with mental illness.

44.Interval exercise

Try to do interval training exercise to burn fat.

45. Find time for family

Maintaining a work-life balance is crucial. Life will be busy and it will stay like that, so find time for your near ones.

46. Journalling

A lot more people think that daily journalling is just useful for people with mental illness. It’s important to clear up your goal and be successful. Your thoughts are powerful, so let them express into your journal and work on your dreams.


There is no magic rule for a healthy life, the only fact to do is work daily on your life. Our daily routine plays a key role to create a successful, healthy life.

Do exercise, track your habits, plan your day, develop a good hobby, do every small thing which makes you more fit and happy person. And stick to these good healthy habits for life. These are the best health tips to change your life.

Don’t wait for too long and start today if you want to create healthy habits for life. You have to work on both body and mind to have a happy and healthy lifestyle.

How much you agree with this healthy habits list?

Which are some good health habits you want to start today?

Let me know your goal of life and why being healthy is so much important to you.

Ohh yes, don’t forget to spread more awareness by sharing this article.

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