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Breeding Your Maine Coon Cat Brown, Lolly.

Anyone who undertakes to breed Maine Coon cats should first be aware of the huge responsibility this entails.  Yes, Maine Coons are a very lovable breed, and pedigreed Maine Coons do cost good money, so it is understandable that some people might consider it desirable to try for a litter of kittens.  But a prospective breeder should know that breeding cats can consume much of their time, energy, and money, so if you are only looking to make some extra money, this may not prove to be a worthwhile venture for you.  ​

On the other hand, you should be fully committed to promoting the best interests of the breed, which means that you have to be thorough, selective, and well-informed before you even try to breed your cats.  You will be responsible for the health and wellbeing of both the queen and her kittens, up until the time when you are able to place the kittens with good homes, so this is not something for the casual or spontaneous breeder to venture into. 

​There are those who recommend that anybody who wants to be a breeder should always start first by showing cats.  This is a good way to learn about the breed, the breed standard for Maine Coons, and to network with other cat enthusiasts and cat breeders.  A good and dedicated acquaintanceship to cat showing should ground any prospective breeder with realistic expectations and actual experience in dealing with the Maine Coon cats, and what it really means to breed responsibly. ​

That said, when done right, breeding your Maine Coon can be a very satisfying and fulfilling experience.  This chapter contains some basic information, tips and guidelines that will be useful for any prospective cat breeder.  First we will begin with some basic cat breeding information, and later we will take a look at some practical tips for caring for your new kittens.