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A Q&A With A Woman Who Saw How The South Korean Government Contained The Coronavirus

“I think we all need to see the bigger picture. Like collectively, if you fire each other up into ignoring what are actually very important initiatives, it’s not gonna get better very quickly.”

As the coronavirus spread, South Korea quickly became one of the first nations to register thousands of cases — more than 7,000 — and became an early epicenter.

But the World Health Organization has praised the government’s actions to contain the virus, which include testing 15,000 people a day free of charge and implementing drive-through testing stations. The country’s health minister told CNN on Monday that he’s cautiously hoping that they have surpassed the “peak” number of infections.

How did people on the ground experience these government measures?

Alice Evans, a 26-year-old British woman and marketing professional living in Seoul, shared her experience of the rollout of government measures, what it has been like to see large parts of the city temporarily shut down, and what tips she has for those about to head into the onset of the spread in other countries. (Evans’ answers have been edited for clarity.)