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6 Top Tips That Will Help You Get Rid Of Bloating

Top Tips That Will Help You Get Rid Of Bloating

Bloating is an accumulation of gas in the intestines or stomach.

In the first case, it is a fermentation of intestinal bacteria linked to a disruption of the intestinal flora (food, illness, stress, etc.) and in the second case, the bloating is due to food.

Gas is released as flatulence or through the mouth, belching or burping (accumulation of gas during meals, too much air, etc.).

Bloating manifests itself as a swollen belly and discomfort that can be very painful. How can you treat it and prevent it?

Here are our six tips:

1 – Avoid soft drinks and sodas

In cases of stomach bloating problems, carbonated drinks can play an important role in the formation of gas.

Overflowing gas when drinking soft drinks creates bloating.

Soft drinks also have a negative effect on the intestinal flora.

Avoid them as much as possible if you are prone to bloating or have bloating on a regular basis.

2 – Decrease your consumption of unfermented dairy products

While yogurts can help to reconstitute the intestinal flora in the event of an imbalance, the same cannot be said for milk.

Lactose is an enzyme that is digested less and less by adults and can create multiple digestion problems.

If you feel bloated, avoid drinking milk for a while, as this will avoid adding weight to your digestion and reduce the accumulation of gas.

3 – Belly massage: essential oils are in the spotlight!

You’re very bloated and the pain is very uncomfortable?

Massage your belly with a mixture of basil, coriander and peppermint essential oils.

Put a drop of each essential oil with two tablespoons of neutral oil such as coconut oil.

Alternatively, you can mix the oils with olive oil.

Massage your belly clockwise for a few minutes.

In addition to penetrating your skin and helping to reduce gas, the essential oils will warm your belly which will have a soothing effect.

4 – Cook legumes properly

Eating legumes can sometimes be the cause of bloating because they continue to ferment during digestion and therefore inside your digestive system.

To avoid these inconveniences, you can soak lentils, peas, etc. for several hours before cooking and eating them.

This will have the effect of evacuating some of the agents responsible for gas.

5 – Eat your meals in peace

Eating under stress, eating too fast, talking a lot and drinking a lot of water can all cause bloating.

Try to devote quality time to your meals, chew properly, take breaks, don’t be stressed and eat in a relaxing atmosphere.

Your bloating problems will diminish significantly.

6 – Finish your meals with herbal tea.

Herbal tea at the end of the meal is excellent for bloating problems.

However, it is not necessary to use rare herbs.

Chamomile, linden, mint or aniseed are easy to find and are very effective in facilitating digestion.

Make herbal tea an end-of-meal routine for the happiness of your digestion!